Medical leg vein treatments

Complete Cosmetic Skin Solutions

Our leg vein and cosmetic clinics can also offer you the latest cosmetic skin solutions to reduce facial fine lines and wrinkles and to improve the quality of your skin tone and texture.

As well as sclerotherapy and laser treatment for leg vein removal, clients can consult with Our Doctors about achieving their beauty goals and resolving skin concerns through cosmetic skin therapies and non-surgical cosmetic solutions.

Our Doctors uses only the latest in cosmetic medicine technologies and anti-ageing skin solutions to offer male and female clients cosmetic enhancements.

Skincare therapies and popular cosmetic services offered to both men and women include:

  • Targeted anti wrinkle injections to even out lip wrinkles
  • Laser treatment to remove sun damage and even out skin tone on hands
  • Cosmetic fillers to enhance thin lips
  • Chemical skin peels to remove pimples, blackheads, whiteheads and pimples
  • Laser treatments to firm and tighten loose skin
  • Anti-wrinkle injections to smooth and relax fine lines and wrinkles including crow’s feet, forehead lines and expression lines
  • Cosmetic fillers to fill out under eye bags
  • Laser facials to clear up cystic acne and reduce the look of acne scarring
  • Chemical skin peels to deeply exfoliate dead skin and renew skin cells
  • Laser facials to lighten and remove skin pigmentation, skin redness, rosacea and broken capillaries
  • Cosmetic dermal fillers to fill out cheek bones and facial contours and remove sagging skin

Every client has different needs for their skin, and at our specialised cosmetics clinics, Our Doctors will assess your skin and discuss your individual concerns and goals to provide you with cosmetic enhancement options that will suit your needs.